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New Life Mexico


New Life Mexico is a leading branch of New Life Global Network successfully operating in more than ten countries. It is known all over the world for its incredible experience, expertise and success. Our professional and experienced staff is dedicated to offering the best reproductive solutions to intended parents from various countries irrespective of their ethnicity, marital status, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. New Life Mexico stands out among other fertility agencies as a company that focuses on each case with great dedication and personal touch.

Why New Life?


We provide premium In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Surrogacy and Egg Donation services both in Mexico and internationally. Our team is happy to assist local and international, single, married, straight, LGBT or HIV positive intended parents to create, expand and support their families through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). A few of the benefits of working with us include: affordable programs, personalized services, high success rates, unique program of travelling international egg donors and Preimplementation Genetic Diagnoses (PGD) for gender selection or medical screening. Since 2008, more than 5, 000 healthy babies were welcomed into loving homes with the help of New Life Global Network.

Why Mexico?


Excellent weather, beautiful beaches, warmth of people and healing nature are among the benefits you can get while having your medical trip to Mexico, not to mention getting quality IVF, surrogacy or egg donation services with affordable price. Located in the continent of North America, Mexico is easily accessible from US and Canada. Our state of the art American clinic is located in incredibly beautiful and sunny Cancun, Mexico which is known as one of the most favorite holiday destinations for tourists.

HIV Surrogacy

New Life Mexico was founded with very strong belief that HIV-positive patients deserve an opportunity to have families like everyone else in the world. We strongly believe that HIV-positive intended parents…

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Mexico Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Cancun is ideal place for a vacation any time of year. Its weather is tropical and humid with year round sunshine. The temperature ranges from 20° to 30° C (68° to 86° F) from October through to March and from 22° to 33° C (75° a 91° F) from April to September.

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A: We are happy to provide the following services to you: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), VF-ICSI, IVF with Egg Donation, Surrogacy with Egg Donation, Surrogacy, Sex Selection, Surrogacy for HIV Positive Male etc.

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Unique Opportunities

At New Life Mexico we are pleased to offer several unique opportunities to our intended parents, such as: Preimplementation Genetic Diagnoses (PGD) for medical screening or gender selection, surrogacy and/or egg donation service for HIV positive intended parents, travelling egg donor program brining international egg donors to Cancun for you.

Success Rate

Despite the fact that we have helped more than 5, 000 families and successfully completed 11, 000 IVFs among our global network, we are never satisfied with our achievements. We are striving to increase the indicator of our success rate that is about 60 percent for the moment. Our clinic is following international standards of medical care established by corresponding authorities. Our staff is represented by reputable and certified personal that has world class education and significant experience in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).


Please note that success rates remain fairly constant over several cycles but may vary greatly between individuals. We have parents who had great success at the very first try but have parents who had to undergo several attempts before achieving the pregnancy. We would like to set realistic expectations and do not promise guaranteed success at the very first attempt but we guarantee professional medical care, comprehensive screening of egg donors and surrogate mothers, personalized approach, proper guidance, attention and dedication.