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New Life’s 70% Success Rate

One of the first, and most important, things parents-to-be look for when choosing a clinic for surrogacy or IVF services is a high success rate. It makes sense, because when you choose a clinic, you want to feel confident that you have made the decision that will make your dream of parenthood a reality. A high success rate is the beacon of hope you’ve been waiting for, a sign that you’ll finally be able to hold a precious little life in your arms. At New Life, we are here you make sure your journey ends with a baby to call your own, so we have worked tirelessly to achieve our 70 percent success rate.

Our high success rate is the result of a combination of the highest quality care, unparalleled dedication and qualified professionals. We only employ the most reputable IVF doctors, doctors that consistently improve their knowledge and skills to perfect their methods of IVF in order to achieve success for all of our parents-to-be. Our team undergoes rigorous hiring and training processes. Our state-of-the-art laboratories have the most up-to-date technologies. We are committed to providing efficient services and following up with quality control. That is how we have established ourselves as a global leader in the infertility field.

New Life Success Rate

Surrogacy, IVF and Egg Donation Programs

When you share your story with New Life, you are embarking on a journey that will lead to a baby in your arms. Whether you choose to join one of our Surrogacy with Egg Donation or IVF with Egg Donation programs, you can breathe easier with the confidence of knowing we have a 70 percent success rate.

For parents-to-be seeking absolutely confidence that their program will be successful, we offer Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs. These programs alleviate the fear, stress and anxiety that so many parents-to-be experience while they’re attempting to make their dream come true. They allow you to calculate your expenses more precisely, but more importantly, they guarantee your journey will end with a healthy baby for you to call your own.

Parents that have gone through our Guaranteed programs, and any New Life program, have become part of our growing family, and we are excited to build this same relationship with you.

Success Rates of Self-Cycle Surrogacy Programs

A Self-Cycle Surrogacy Program is when the parents-to-be decide to use their own eggs and sperm. Unlike other programs that New Life offers, these ones depend on a number of patient-specifics including medical condition, age and ovarian reserve. For this reason these programs typically see a 40-55 percent success rate at New Life, whether you plan to use fresh or frozen embryos.

If there are any pre-existing conditions, such as a low number of quality embryos, we may recommend our Donor Programs; but, our team will still do everything they possibly can to help you have a baby that is genetically linked to both of its parents. Considering a Donor program simply gives you an alternative solution to achieve your dream of parenthood, it does not end your journey. Many of our New Life families exhausted their other options before turning to a Donor program and finding success. We want you to know what you will have a baby of your own no matter what program ends up being right for your family.

Guaranteed Surrogacy

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