International LGBT-Friendly Services

For parents-to-be of the same sex seeking to have a genetic link with their new baby, New Life’s Asia, Kenya and Mexico branches are happy to provide surrogacy options. Our approach is customized to every couple because we understand how every story is unique and special. When you embark on your journey to parenthood with us, you can expect to have the highest quality care with compassion and empathy at every step of the way as we make your dream of parenthood come true. We have already helped more than 2,700 gay families, and we are excited to become a part of your story as well.

To start a program with New Life,

please send your request to us via e-mail. Once your e-mail request has been received, we will address all of your questions and concerns, in addition to providing you with financial details, contract issues and procedures, an overall timeline and what to expect during the process of surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

At the start of your program, you will be asked to select a donor from our large database of international egg donors, where you’ll be able to choose from local Mexican donors or those willing to travel to Mexico for you. You and your loved one will also need to decide who is going to be the genetic father of your new baby, or the one providing the sperm. We know this can be a complex decision for couples, so you do have the option to share the eggs from your donor and have each partner fertilize half of them. If you and your partner make this decision, embryos from each of you would then be implanted into two different surrogate mothers. Please note that any partner providing their sperm will need to provide medical tests for infectious disease and sperm analysis.

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