Egg Donation

Egg Donation

New Life Mexico’s Egg Donation program is an ideal solution for same-sex couples and gay singles looking to start a family of their own. Our egg donation services have already helped thousands of people achieve their dream of parenthood with the gift of life from our amazing egg donors.

From the very start of your program, you will have the help and commitment of our team, including assistance as you go through the egg donation process. As part of New Life’s global network of fertility clinics, we have the unique ability to give our parents-to-be access to a large database that includes local donors from Mexico and travelling egg donors from various countries, including South Africa, Georgia, Ukraine, Asia and Poland. Our database is so extensive, in fact, that we have been asked to collaborate with many other well-known egg donation clinics throughout the world.

New Life’s Egg Donors

Each of New Life’s egg donors is unique, but all are healthy, charismatic, creative, intelligent, beautiful, young and dedicated to making your dream a reality. By becoming a donor to gift the miracle of life, they are displaying a selfless act of kindness that deserves the highest level of respect and admiration. That is why we provide them with the utmost care, starting with strict guidelines to ensure their health and safety before accepting them into our database. In order to be eligible, all of our donors are required to meet the following criteria:

Egg Donation Service
  • Women between the ages of 18 – 30
  • Generally in good health
  • Non-Smoker / No Drug Use
  • Height and weight within normal range
  • Free from STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Periods are regular
  • Without psychological disorder
  • Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation
  • Ready to proceed with the egg donation program
  • Reliable and responsible

Selecting an Egg Donor

Prior to selecting your egg donor, you will be given access to detailed information about each donor in our database. Their profiles include several photos, a personal bio, education information, health and reproductive history, family history and genetic history. This information is intended to help you narrow down your selection based on your preference of characteristics and make an informed decision before continuing with your program.

While it may sound involved, the egg donor search is actually an easy process with New Life. You start by sending an e-mail requesting to receive your password and login information for access to our extensive database. You can then start reviewing profiles of available egg donors. Once you find an egg donor that meets your wants and requirements, let our team know so we can check her availability and pre-book her for you. If she is a fit, you will receive payment instructions and an agreement from New Life that will require your signature. Your egg donor is considered fully booked only after the agreement has been returned to us, signed, and your first payment has been received. This is when your egg donor will undergo screening and preparation for egg retrieval, or when your baby will start to become real. If you select a donor from a country other than Mexico, we will arrange her visa, travel, accommodation with a chaperone, medical preparation and compensation.

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