“Dear Eliso and Karen:

Thank you for your heartfelt message. Your email’s words brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve had a difficult few days – knowing that things haven’t gone according to plan (for instance: PGD Gender Selection could not be done considering the circumstances – loss of most embryos – etc.)

You have all done your best to support my case and I sincerely thank you all for that: Carlos, Karen, Eliso, Kelly – and – perhaps most of all, Karla: Karla, I am thankful you from the bottom of my heart and I only wish you truly knew how much your enduring well-being means to me.

Karen, you’re so right: God does work in mysterious ways, and I pray and hope that Karla, my surrogate gives birth to my two perfectly healthy sons. – I am tearing up as I write this – because prayers and hope can now play the most vital role. I am praying for the success of my endeavour with New Life and I’m praying that Karla’s test on December 22 turns out to be perfect.

Karla and Karen , you are both beautiful, and thank you for sending me that picture after the embryo transfer.

Carlos, thank you my friend: I have received the Embryo Transfer Report: and it includes the image of the two implanted embryos.

A big hug for you all. – I need to stop writing before I overwhelmingly tear up again.

Taufiq Malik