Dear Mariam,

I am sure that you hear this often, but I want to begin by thanking you. Because of your organization, New Life, we were able to fulfill a wish to have a family. From the time that we first came in contact with New Life, we were sure that we wanted to do business with this network. Matuta took her time with us and and explained all of the the steps that we would need to take and gave us a feeling of trust towards your company.

After our first attempt failed we almost did not continue. It was very painful. But with the support from Leny at that time, and Kelly’s knowledge and positive outlook, we decided to continue. Fortunately happiness and luck were on our side and Fabiola became pregnant with twins. Life continued joyfully and our lives were only focused on becoming a family.

Your staff, at least in Mexico, is excellent. They listen to your clients when they encounter sensitive times. They also stay in touch with the IPs and make sure that things are okay after something has occurred. It meant a lot to us.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible to have these beautiful bouncing babies as a part of our lives.

K& C