Caucasian Egg Donors

Caucasian Egg Donors

Since New Life Mexico is a leading branch of New Life Global Network of fertility clinics operating in Europe and Asia, we have very unique opportunity to provide egg donor travel service from various countries for you.

Our unique Egg Donation service enables intended parents to choose their best match among healthy, young, beautiful and intelligent egg donors from: South Africa, Thailand, Georgia, Ukraine, India and Poland. We have program coordinators in each region, who are familiar with local egg donors and know them personally.
Since 2008, our outstanding database of Caucasian and Asian donors and qualified services has been highly recommended by top fertility physicians and health care providers worldwide. Many well-known fertility clinics in different part of the world have been collaborating with us and relying on our egg donor database for their successful programs.

We offer one of the largest and diverse egg donor database were each donor is carefully screened and personally interviewed. All of our donors are contracted regularly to ensure their availability and information is up to date.

At new Life, we provide the best conditions for both egg donors and intended parents. Our goal is to provide the highest degree of care to recipients and egg donors equally.

Once you decide to bring Caucasian or Asian Egg Donor to Mexico, we will cover all aspect of your egg donation process from egg donor screening to their travel and accommodation. You will be provided detailed information on each egg donor for your review. Egg donor profile includes: several photos, personal bio, educational information, health and reproductive history, family and genetic history.

Egg donor search is an easy process with us. The first step is to send an e-mail and request your access to our database. Once we provide the password and log in info, you are welcome to browse through egg donor profiles and let us know the code of your favorite one. We will check her availability and pre-book for you. If her schedule matches yours, we will send you an agreement so sign with a payment instruction. Once the agreement is returned signed and the first payment received, we will start arranging her screening, visa, travel, accommodation with chaperon, medical preparation.

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