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My name is Dr. Mariam Kukunashvili and I’m the founder of New Life Network. Like many parents, my personal story has seen the pain and heartbreak of struggling to achieve the family I desired. That is why I decided to found New Life Global, a network of IVF clinics and egg donation and surrogacy agencies throughout the world. Through this network, my team and I have walked alongside more than 7,000 families of all backgrounds, preferences and walks of life on their journey to parenthood, and with every added chapter we are blessed with some of the most rewarding experiences.

My story began when I was born in the Republic of Georgia, a former member of the Soviet Union with an astoundingly high level of homophobia. Raised by two wonderful parents that guided me well enough to avoid becoming part of this hate, I turned to LGBT rights organizations to fight for gay rights in my country from a very young age. As I participated in TV debates and fought against this senseless oppression, my husband and I also underwent our own personal struggles.

We found out that I am infertile, a discovery that started a very long, heart-wrenching and financially burdening journey to achieve the family my husband and I were dreaming of. After 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, four surgeries and an ectopic pregnancy, we were mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted. But, we didn’t want to give up!

Then, finally, our journey led us to the solution we had been waiting for: surrogacy.
With the help of a wonderful surrogate mother, my husband and I were blessed with triplets who are now joyful and healthy 7-year-olds that happily complete our little family. After realizing the sheer joy that came from achieving our dream of parenthood through surrogacy services, I knew I wanted others be able to achieve theirs, too.

That is why I started New Life, a beacon of hope to anyone in the world struggling to start the family they have been dreaming of. Equally important to me was that, with New Life, I would have the privilege of offering solutions for gay couples and single men eager to become parents.

Unfortunately, I faced backlash for my decision to open New Life’s doors to the gay community; but, despite the bullying, threats and horrible stories about my family and me, I continued on the path that I knew was right. I didn’t let the homophobic hatred stop me from dedicating my life to helping the people I knew in my heart deserved the families they so desperately wanted. So, I sought out gay-friendly surrogacy destinations all over the world to be able to offer my support.

Mariam Kukunashvili

New Life has been built on a foundation of unwavering devotion to each and every parent-to-be that comes to us to make their dream come true, no matter what. You will receive the moral, emotional and financial support you deserve every step of the way, without any prejudice or bias. I am proud of what we have built and accomplished here, and I am so excited to be able to tell LGBT families that YES, there is a solution to have the family you desire. You will be able to hold your very own baby in your arms.
We don’t want you to feel alone or frightened. We don’t want you to feel like there’s no hope, because there is. At New Life, we will do absolutely everything we can to make sure that your dream comes true. We have set ourselves apart from other clinics throughout the world because we aren’t afraid to open our doors to everyone that needs us, and we won’t stop until you can hug your baby.

Here, you have answers to all of your questions. You have a compassionate team of people that have been through a similar journey, and helped thousands of others go through theirs. Not only are we qualified and experienced, but we are people. We are dedicated, empathetic and committed to helping you meet your baby. We consistently strive to do more. We aim to do better. Because we truly believe that is what every family, yours included, deserves.

Our exceptional success rates are the result of our devotion and passion, but the stories we have been part of are the true reason why we do what we do. There is a baby out there that needs you, and they’re waiting for you to hold them in your arms.

I know you’re waiting, too. So, let’s meet them, together, so we can make your dreams of parenthood a reality.

Mariam Kukunashvili, MD, PhD

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