Why Gay Dads are the Best Parents


After gay marriage, gay parenting is the next big that is in the crosshairs in recent days. A gay parent actually is more motivated and committed than the heterosexual ones on an average. This has been claimed by Abbie Goldberg, a renowned psychologist at the Clark University in Massachusetts in his research works on the gay parenting psychology. He has agreed to the fact that gay daddies show greater commitment and involvement to grow up their children. His research indicates that the children of gay daddies are ahead in mental health, achievement and social functioning than their mates. They are much more open-minded, tolerant and superior examples of equitable relationships.

Good parenting

New York University sociologist Judith Stacey and the University of Southern California sociologist Tim Biblarz revealed in their review on gay parenting released in the year 2010 that clearly found no difference in between children raised by heterosexual parents and gay parents.

Children of gay parents are more adjusted in their growing years as they go through typical situations. They tend to become smarter as they learn to face and cope up with any which situation that comes across them.

Unlike lesbians, gays don’t have any asymmetry build up in their relationship with their child. This is because none of the parents have carried the baby in their womb or have breastfed them.

This proves that when they say a child needs both a father and a mother, it should be no more given importance than that of a myth. Gender makes no difference in the parenting if the parents are sensible enough to understand the basics of parenting. Apart from that, everything else depends on how strong bond can they form with the child. Well, actually a gay parent can give more of a diverse brought up to the kid and help him achieve a strong mental stability. Such kids are outspoken as they have been trained to face the challenges by people who actually have faced it in practical life. They know when and how to stand for their rights. They are excellent in presentation as well. These traits are noticed in these kids as they learn from the experiences of their gay parents who have faced greater challenges in life to gain acceptance.

Nurturing tolerance

As a matter of fact, gay parenting makes the kids more tolerant and open-minded. Gay Parenting Psychology Researcher Mr. Goldberg has expressed this empathic nature of these kids in his publication in American Journal of Orthopsychiatry issues in 2007 after his deep research on the subject.

Such children feel like their perspectives on gender, sexuality, and family as they grow up with gay parents. Raised in nontraditional families, kids of gay daddies are well-rounded and leave a positive impact on the people they meet.

Same-sex acceptance

Gay parent’s kids are more open to accepting same-sex relationships. They see the same-sex relationship in their own house, and hence, are not judgmental towards others involved in it. There is a lack of rationality in accepting same-sex relationships across the world. We might take another decade to wholly accept this fact, or may be more. Education and awareness are less in this genre as people choose to talk less in public about it and gossip more behind the doors.

Gay kids are new faces who can challenge this situation and represent a new set of conception. Gay daddies play a commendable role in this growth. Apart from raising their kids in a unique way, they take the responsibility of initiating a change in the existing perception through their kids. These daddies are definitely the best as they perform hardships of parenthood and the divinity to bring a change in the society.

Apart from being tolerant and open-minded, the gay parent’s kids are better bought up due to the following reasons:

  1. Gay parents are definitely more committed

The heading must have ruffled feathers in many minds, but it actually makes sense. Gay parents are way more motivated in their parenthood since they have to achieve it after a lot of hardships. They know the value of this joy and honor that they have snatched for themselves in one way.

More than 50% pregnancies occurring in straight parents are accidental, or you can say “unplanned”. On the other hand, gay parents have distinctively planned their childbirth. They have taken the pain of going against the society and bring their bundle of joy home. They are much more focused and determined to set a greater example of perfect parenting.

  1. Gender roles are thrown away

This is a cool thing associated with cool parenting as there is no stereotype role of the women to be in the kitchen and the men to go out for work. Gay couples handle everything b themselves that teaches the kids to be responsible for their duties. The gender role neither exists in the house, nor in their minds.

  1. Open-minded and tolerant kids

Gay couples have been crucially oppressed and extremely judged every time due to their choice of sexual orientation. Their kids know the pains of such irrational judgments and see it as wrong. They choose to see the world with an open eye. They cannot hurt others as they are aware of the pain that causes due to foolish extremism.

  1. More nurturing kids

Kids raised by gay couples turn out to be even more nurturing towards other kids. They are far more sensible and practical. Gay daddies put in all their efforts to give them the sense of affection that they might have lacked in life. This is why they train their kids to be kind towards everything and everyone. Love, compassion, and affection are primary traits noticed in kids raised by gay daddies. They choose to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone as they tend to break the irrational concept of the society about them. They are well aware of the message they are representing, and hence, are in best of their behaviors.

  1. Gay daddies have academically successful kids

Although little is known about the potion that makes this possible, well actually a few studies have revealed that kids raised by gay daddies do better academically than children from traditional families. They also have lesser behavioral problems and impatience towards challenges.

  1. Resilience – The next big thing in gay parent raised kids

Apart from being tolerant and open-minded, the one priceless strength of character that gay daddies put in their kids is the ability of resilience. This one quality is lacking in today’s world, and due to this, the gay community has faced a lot of obstacles in life. It’s an upward battle from these men to gain acceptance in the society. Straight parents do not have this strong trait to pass onto their kids. Of course, their kids also learn this in their course of life, but gay daddies teach this to their kids with practical experience. “Normally raised kids” are more found to be kicking and screaming their entire life to get their deserved rights, but these special kids know the art of not giving up to any challenging situation.