Why Gay Surrogacy in Mexico


Mexico is one of the most popular surrogacy destinations not only for heterosexual or married couples, but for single and gay parents too.

This fact is not a news for people having a grasp in surrogacy. However, not everyone understands what makes surrogacy in Mexico such a smooth experience. After reading this post, you will reasonably know why Mexico is worth a go.

  • Mexico is affordable. In fact, the country provides one of the most affordable surrogacy options. Whereas average surrogacy costs in the USA sum up to about 100 000 USD, price for the same program in Mexico may be about 50 000 USD. Half of the price, giving a difference of about 50 000 USD sounds pretty compelling, doesn’t it?
  • Success rates in IVF clinics are high. Cancun, the city in the state of Quintana Roo enjoys a huge amount of foreign investments. A lot of American doctors and embryologists have moved to IVF clinics in Cancun. Medical standards have raised too. Clinics bring a great expertise, have outstanding success rates and are perfectly facilitated. As a result, success rates and the quality of service in the region is relatively high and by no means less than in Canada or in the USA.
  • Legal aspects are fairly simple to arrange. The state of Tabasco has banned surrogacy for international couples but this does not complicate situation in the rest of the country. As each state has its own and different from each other legislation, international intended parents can still enjoy simplified legal procedures in the parts where IVF clinics operate. Moreover, they will almost always be able to get birth certificates within 5 working days.
  • IVF clinics provide surrogacy services for HIV positive intended parents. This service can be found only in a few clinics around the world and the majority of them are located exactly in Mexico. IVF clinics indeed bring a great expertise and are strongly motivated to help everyone they can.
  • Cancun is a dreamy destination. It’s pretty much like heavenly places we see in commercials. A great advantage is that together with the beauty, living in Mexico is budget friendly. Food, transportation and accomodation are relatively affordable. For that reason, meanwhile intended parents are in Mexico for surrogacy services or are waiting for the documents, they have the ability to combine their journey with an amazing vacation.
  • Environment is positive. During the IVF, the surroundings matter a lot. Mexican people are outstanding in communication, hospitality, helpfulness and friendliness. Locals will never make intended parents feel uncomfortable and will treat them in a polite and pleasant manner.
  • Geographical location of Mexico makes it the most attractive surrogacy destination for American, Australian and Canadian intended parents.

The reality about Mexico is that it is a destination where a qualitative medical service is provided for affordable rates. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination where independent from their orientation or social status, intended parents are wholeheartedly welcome to enjoy their stay.