Going global for the family – Why is international surrogacy so popular?


Surrogacy is an ideal option for those intended parents that can’t carry a child themselves, but do not wish to use adoption services for any reason. Surrogacy allows you to have a child that is genetically linked to you. There are numerous other advantages to making use of surrogacy services with a reputable agency, such as;

  1. The parents’ eggs and sperm are in most cases used to develop the embryo, which is placed in the surrogate mother’s womb to develop. I-n this way, the child is biologically related to its legal parents.
  2. In cases where both parents are fertile, but cannot actually carry the child to term themselves due to defects in the womb, they will often go through repeated miscarriages. Surrogacy provides a solution by bypassing any existing defects entirely.
  3. Sometimes fertility issues are caused by eggs that fail to develop properly. Surrogacy allows couples to use healthy eggs from donors, which can often be supplied by the surrogacy agency.
  4. Intended parents can also make use of multiple semen or gamete donors for the same purpose. In cases where the parents cannot provide their own samples for fertilization for any reason, these can also usually be supplied by their surrogacy agency.
  5. Surrogacy provides a way for single male parents and same-sex parents to grow their families
  6. Childless older couples that can no longer conceive naturally for any reason can solve many common age-related fertility issues through surrogacy


The Value of Surrogacy

Surrogacy holds different meaning and purpose for everyone involved. For the surrogate mother, it is a way to help another family have a child when they would otherwise not be able to. For the intended parents, it’s a way of growing their family when they would otherwise not be able to, bringing an enormous amount of joy to their lives.

Altruistic surrogacy and commercial surrogacy are the two forms of surrogacy that have been helping people to build their families.

Surrogacy around the world

International surrogacy is in high demand around the globe and has been providing an ideal alternative for childless couples that cannot achieve a natural pregnancy. Surrogacy has always been hugely popular in countries like India, Nepa, Thailand, China, and Japan, but is also experiencing a boom in western countries like the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. As there are no globally recognized surrogacy laws, each country has wildly differing laws on the subject. Some even have no laws concerning surrogacy whatsoever, while some have banned it entirely.

Intended parents have the advantage of online research to help them choose where to travel to for their surrogacy program. Most reputable agencies have websites in multiple languages, meaning they have the opportunity to go through each of them and make an informed decision on which is most suitable.

Rewarding Experience

International surrogacy is a truly rewarding experience for all the parties involved. It gives the ability to start a family, which is the most precious gift anybody can ever get. Childless couples get a chance to visit other nation and explore it for international surrogacy. They can enjoy a lovely holiday in the country they have chosen for surrogacy along with their prime purpose.

Cost Benefits

While visiting and staying in a beautiful country for the duration of the treatment is obviously one consideration, one of the main factors for going abroad is the cost benefit. Countries like Mexico, Cambodia, and parts of the United States and the United Kingdom permit international surrogacy, and host surrogacy centers for foreign couples with complete arrangements for the surrogacy treatments.

A lot of steps are involved in international surrogacy, but in the briefest sense these involve;

  1. Matching the eggs and sperm
  2. Fertilization
  3. Embryo transfer
  4. Gestation
  5. Childbirth
  6. Handing over the child to the legal parents with all the required documents

Depending on the requirements of the surrogacy – for example, if it does not require egg donation – the cost of the procedure can almost be cut in half when it is carried out in developing nations, but often do not provide the superior infrastructure and communication available in more modern nations. Countries like Mexico and the U.S. are generally a good choice, with a strong surrogacy-minded infrastructure and lower surrogacy costs compared to many countries.

Transparency in Communication

One of the most important parts of any surrogacy package is the level of communication that the agency provides for the intended parents.  Once the intended couples have been successful in finding a surrogate to carry their child, they depend on the surrogacy agency to provide effective, clear, and frequent communication as it is not always possible for them to stay in the country for the entire duration of the pregnancy, and usually return home and communicate from their. Naturally, they would like to be updated about their child’s growth throughout development, and international surrogacy centers are needed to maintain this communication and inform the parents about any developments.

Documentation and Child Handover

The legal handover of the newborn child to the intended parents can be an arduous, drawn out process. Different countries handle the legal aspect of a surrogate birth completely differently – some consider the surrogate mother to be the legal mother and issue the birth certificate in her name. Other countries approve the intended parents to be the legal parents immediately, meaning they are named on the birth certificate instead. In countries where only the surrogate is recognized as the legal parent, an adoption process must be carried out. International surrogacy centers provide support in legal procedures and help the intended parents go through the steps needed to bring their child home as soon as possible.


There are a few incidents where surrogacy has been used as an exploitation of faith, money, and energy. The harsh reality is that every field has its negative press. International surrogacy has fulfilled the dream of parenthood for people across the globe. However, detailed, diligent research before enrolling in any surrogacy program is the major key to success.