Growth of fertility tourism – Factors and drivers


Factors driving clients abroad seeking solutions to their infertility issues are many. Advanced assisted fertility facilities available beyond the home soil border encourage them to seek answers to the countless pestering issues while accessing the same treatments back home. The stupendous growth in this niche tourism sector, an offshoot of medical tourism, has proliferated into a multi-billion tourism industry catering to the needs of the intending couples in achieving parenthood and at the same time highlighting other tourist attractions of the country providing a post treatment mental boost. The nature and profile of the destination market play a crucial role. Mostly, it depends upon the quality of treatment you get there. The rest of the driving force would lie in the fact that how tourist worthy the chosen destination is, apart from giving world class medical support to infertility solutions.


The level of clinical expertise available in your home country may not be adequate enough to handle the fertility issue you are suffering from. Availability of high-end assisted reproductive facilities abroad might be more suitable driving you to seek the solution to your problem in a foreign soil.

Law of the land

The legal system operating in your country and the country you intend to visit for fertility solution could make a lot of difference. Surrogacy and other assisted reproductive facilities for LGBT and single parents may be prohibitive in the home soil especially in the case of paid surrogacy and egg donation services. But the same are highly approved in other destinations even for foreign clients.


The cost of fertility treatment in super affluent countries like the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Japan are several times higher than what is incurred in clinics of Asian and other European countries for that matter. Countries like India, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey and Georgia offer world-class fertility treatment at a much low cost. This is mainly due to the low labor and infrastructure cost that significantly makes a difference in the entire spending amount. The clinics in these countries have qualified and experienced doctors. The medical support system and the clinical gadgets are advanced. What is most important is that the entire team delivers with dedication and efficiency. Aren’t these factors strong motivators encouraging intending parents to go for fertility treatment abroad?

Availability of egg and sperm donors

Lack of egg and sperm donors in the home soil is another factor for clients seeking cross-border fertility tourism. Unavailability of donors coupled with strict regulations makes the situation more difficult where the concerned client has to look beyond to fulfill his/her purpose conforming to the laid regulations.

Long waiting list

In many countries, a lot of time is wasted on the procedural delays before you can fix up an appointment with the concerned doctor. The long queuing list just tests the patience of the service seekers who then look for quicker and better service in other countries.

Egg preservation facility

Cryopreservation of eggs and sperms is certainly a driving factor that has contributed towards the growth of fertility tourism. Not all countries have the technical knowhow and the required support system for cryopreservation. Countries lacking this facility naturally see its own citizens in the quest for fertility treatment leaving for other countries to access the same.

Additional attractions

Just for an illustration, if we have to choose between two destinations equally good in terms of availability of a high quality cross-border medical care, we would naturally be inclined towards the one with better tourism attractions, great accommodation choices and an upgraded infrastructure. The one that looks rather bland from the tourist point of view would be the second option. It would be economically prudent to combine the leisure trip along with your fertility trip. A lot of expenses would stand common like the money you pay on booking your flight and the accommodation rentals.

Tapping the potential

Sensing the immense growth potential of fertility tourism, many nations have been quick to tap the tourism potential in this arena seriously upgrading the various infrastructure related issues. They have been making sincere efforts to rise above the petty legal, cultural and religious issues that have been putting insurmountable barriers to a proper and efficient fertility treatment designed on rational thinking. The legal framework has been revised. The clinics have been re-modeled and made more tourist-friendly. More investments have been made in the installation of state-of-the-art medical equipment. Qualified and experienced talents have been recruited. Comfortable accommodations have been set up so that the visiting clientele finds the destination country resourceful and a hassle-free trip is ensured.