Hello from Australia!


Hello Mariam,

I hope this email find you and your family well!

My name is …… I do not expect you to remember who I am, but I with my partner ….. entrusted your Mexico branch to help us realize the dream of having a family. On the 25th March our beautiful baby boy ……. entered the world and made our dream a reality. For us, without your direction and team of dedicated staff this would not have happened. ……. has brought us so much happiness and will for many more years to come.

I have wanted to email you many times, but have not, I know you are a busy woman. But this morning while I was holding …… and feeding him I as I so often do, I began to reflect on the journey, the highs and lows, to be where we are today with our boy. I have always felt the need to thank you for giving us this gift we treasure so much. Without your commitment to Newlife and your determination to continue in the face of an ever changing legal framework we would not be where we are today.

Thank you just does not seem to be enough. It is all I can offer. But know that we will love and protect our son forever and will be the best parents we can be. And when we is old enough to understand our journey to start a family we will be telling …..about a brave woman by the name of Mariam Kukunashvilli.

Thank you Again! 🙂