IVF for HIV positive parents


The New Life Global Network is proud to offer opportunities for HIV-positive patients to be parents!

New Life  accepts the applications of intended parents who are HIV positive. We follow a straight forward procedure to choose and approve the applications of HIV-positive couples. We intend to receive applications from intended parents with undetectable viral load in serum approved by recognizing laboratories. Couples with a high load of viral load in the semen have to go through a minimum of three months treatment for getting them approved for the program.

At New Life , we offer all necessary medical facilities, required for infertility treatment of HIV-positive patients and help them to have their own babies. We proudly claim to offer top class treatment in infertility and rank in the global leaders associated with the treatment of human reproduction and embryology. We strongly believe that HIV-positive patients also have the right to spin their own family network.

The infection in their biological parent has chances to be transmitted to the embryo and to the surrogate mother who develops the fetus inside her. We take immense care and precautionary measures to make sure that the baby does not inherit HIV from its biological parents.

HIV virus does not contaminate the sperm cells. They are controlled by a seminal fluid as living microscopic bodies. Since there are no chances of the sperm cells getting infected by HIV virus, sperm washing is done to treat this issue.

Sperm washing is an advanced medical procedure carried out during the procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It reduces the risk of HIV transmission from the father to the child or to the surrogate mother. The female who carries the child in her womb during the entire process should be well taken care of as she may not be under the risk of HIV virus. Sperm cells are not affected by HIV virus as they are immune to it. The sperm cells are isolated from the seminal fluid that they float on as viral bodies. This mitigates the chances HIV transmission from the male IP to the surrogate mother or the mother during the process of fertilization. The advanced technique of sperm washing has been accolade by medical experts around the world. It is an approved technique entirely protecting the embryo from the infection of HIV.

HIV virus attacks the body immunity and totally destroys it the moment it enters the blood stream.  It stays dormant initially and shows its true colors once the favorable conditions for it appear. It disables the immunity system and grabs control over the T cells of C D cells.

It slowly spreads into the body by recurrence and entirely destroys the C D 4 cells. The person, hence becomes unguarded to diseases and can be killed by simplest ailments.


Guidance for HIV positive intended couples

When any of the partners is HIV virus infected, they need a special procedure, care and attention give birth to their child so that the newborn baby does not get infected from parents’ infection.

The four major aspects are:

  1. Stability of base illness and attention of a specialist in this type of fertility treatment
  2. Best medical advice in the reproduction process to make sure that neither the surrogate mother nor the child is found to be HIV virus affected
  3. Sperm washing and Artificial Insemination
  4. Assisted Reproduction Techniques in the entire course of sterility



Eligibility of HIV patients in New Life  is restricted to males (fathers) only. Here we first confirm the IP eligibility of the father to approve him for the program. The criteria to be achieved for this approval are:

  1. Patients have to go through the sperm wash process as a foremost protocol
  2. Two reports of serology have to be submitted by the IP done on a gap of 6 months and that shows undetectable viral load.
  3. The sample of sperm submitted by the intended parents in the process of sperm wash should not be older than 6 months
  4. A medical file of the IP has to be submitted to the consulting doctor of the clinic
  5. The semen sample is sent to the United States for PCR diagnostic takes and the result is expected to be received with an approximate period of 15 days
  6. The egg donation and surrogate mother finalization process are performed only after the positive test reports are derived. It again takes 2 months time to prepare the egg donor and the surrogate mother after we receive confirmation from our laboratory in the USA about the quality of washed sperm sample.

Apart from the fact that the male IP has to be under antiretroviral medication, the under mentioned tests are required to be performed before starting  the procedure of IVF treatment:

  • Semen culture
  • Detection of Mycoplasma in semen
  • Detection of Ureaplasma in semen
  • Detection of Chlamydia in semen
  • HBV in serum
  • HCV in serum
  • Syphilis in serum
  • HIV in serum
  • Viric charge of HIV in serum

New Life  offers the following programs to HIV patients to couples where only the father is HIV positive, and not the mother:

  1. Only surrogacy
  2. Surrogacy with the aid of egg donation
  3. IVF for the mother who is an HIV negative with the help of egg donation
  4. Use of frozen embryos for successful surrogacy


Cost of IVF for HIV Positive IP

The cost of infertility treatment of HIV-positive patients are different from other couples. This particular IVF treatment requires extra laboratory tests, sperm washing, approval and other medications. Highly skilled medical professionals and highly equipped laboratories are required to carry out the procedure. Hence, the surrogacy package is different from the standard one.

The IP have to pay an additional fee of 10, 300 USD, that includes sperm washing, sperm sample testing in the USA laboratory and report derivation and other compensation of the surrogate mother.

Fertility treatment of HIV-positive patients require or deployment of special equipment as well as highly skilled technicians. That is why IP have to pay the extra amount so that the HIV accept can be well taken care of.

donation and surrogacy agreement are done properly and under entire legal guidance.



HIV-infected parents also have equal rights to start their family. And since sperm are immune to HIV infection, there are even more chances of safe baby birth.

New Life  offers surrogacy to couples where the father is infected with the HIV virus. The charges here are extremely competitive along with high-class medical treatment. We invite HIV-infected males to explore the new phase of parenthood with New Life Mexico. https://www.newlifemexico.net