IVF in Cancun


In Vitro Fertilization is suggested to intended parents when other treatments such as artificial insemination have failed. This procedure consists of extracting oocytes and fertilizing them with sperm samples. After the IVF procedure is complete the formed embryos are transferred to the mother’s womb. This procedure can be performed entirely in New Life Mexico’s Cancun facilities.

IVF helps both couples and single individuals. In men, the common causes of infertility are:


  • Asthenozoospermia – low sperm motility
  • Teratozoospermiaabnormal sperm form
  • Oligozoospermialow sperm concentration (less than 15 million per ml.)
  • Cryptozoospermia – extremely low sperm concentration (less than 1 million per ml.)


The common causes of female infertility include:


  • Endocrine or ovulatory issues – alterations to the menstrual cycle and chronic non-ovulatory cycles
  • Tube issuesobstructions in the fallopian tubes
  • Uterine issuesmalformations or damage to the uterus
  • Hypoplastic uterus/uterus septumcauses infertility due to impaired function
  • Endometriosisa chronic disease where endometrial tissue appears and develops outside the uterus, causing infertility


IVF treatments are recommended in the following cases;

  • Limited numbers of oocytes
  • Injury to or lack of fallopian tubes
  • Previous failure of artificial insemination treatments
  • Impaired sperm quality
  • Repeated implantation failure due to low embryo quality
  • Women without a partner

IVF in Cancun

Cancun has become the recommended destination for thousands of families that travel here for dedicated reproductive treatments. Companies like New Life Mexico provide a team-based approach to fertility, using advanced technologies, treatments and techniques from across the world to give you the best possible chance of success.

Relentless Commitment

A dedicated fertility team of embryologists and endocrinologists gives you the best possible route to a successful pregnancy through specialist programs such as egg donation and gender selection, depending on your specific needs. Persistent dedication on your IVF journey is critical, so it’s important for your chosen clinic to recognize the needs of every individual couple or patient.

Towards Parenthood

The journey towards parenthood is, at times, extremely stressful and emotional. Education on the specifics of each fertility treatment you will be going under helps mitigate this distress, as well as a transparent fee structure and a full assessment of each treatment’s challenges.

New Life Mexico’s results

New Life Mexico is by far the most skilled and technically equipped fertility clinic in Cancun. It grants you with a success rate of up to 70% per cycle. We commit to helping you achieve your dream while inflicting the least financial and emotional difficulty possible. 



For those looking for a perfect IVF destination, New Life Mexico should be on the top of their search list.

New Life Mexico has a reputation in Cancun as a fantastic fertility clinic equipped with the most advanced fertility-specific laboratory, qualified and experienced doctors, and top medical staff, all in an unbeatably beautiful holiday destination.

New Life Mexico has fantastic English speaking staff that helps foreign couples to communicate easily. Online and offline reviews of the fertility unit are outstanding.

The Fertility Process

Ovarian stimulation

Multiple ovulations are induced in this step by replacing body hormones through a particular therapy. In this way, the right ovulation moment of the body is anticipated along with the ideal egg maturation time to get fertilized.

Punction, retrieval, and aspiration

Mature eggs of around 15 to 18 mm are recovered from the female body and kept in the IVF laboratory for fertilization.

Fertilization of eggs through ICSI

Sperm is injected inside the recovered eggs in 1:1 ratio to fertilize the eggs to form an embryo.

Culture of embryo

The egg is continuously kept under observation after the egg is fertilized, until the time it reaches the choicest condition to be transferred to the female uterus.

Transfer of embryo

Embryo placed in the fallopian tube o the uterus develops itself to form the pregnancy. The embryos are shared on a cannula, which is transvaginally conducted. The embryo can be transferred depending on the sensitivity of the case.

Vitrification of embryo

Embryos of the best quality are freeze for future attempts. Those are used in case pregnancy is not achieved on the first try. The freezing or vitrification depends on women’s age and is known to one of the best methods to yield better posterior results.

Cost of IVF in Cancun, Mexico

Couples looking for a fertility treatment in Cancun, Mexico should consider New Life Mexico as their first choice in order to receive an affordable diagnosis and IVF price quote.


You can be charged up to  $20,000 dollars in the United States, Europe, and Canada for IVF treatments. New Life Mexico provides advanced assisted reproduction techniques at almost half that price, including travel and accommodation. There is no hidden cost. Intended parents are informed about the correct and actual cost of IVF. The prices for the prescribed medicines required in the process of IVF are not included in the package as it differs from patient to patient.

The personal economy of many couples is vastly affected when they cannot find success in one, two or three attempts. This happens with many couples who face drastic economic downfall but cannot leave the hope at the same time. The success rate with New Life Mexico is 95% in the first cycle of IVF treatment.

In Cancun, Mexico, couples visit more for their IVF treatment as they can afford 2 to 3 attempts at the cost of 1. IVF prices in Mexico are considerably more reasonable than many other countries in the world.
Cancun offers best climatic conditions to promote successful fertility treatments. The cost benefit is the foremost reason to choose this paradise of motherhood for your childbirth. The advanced medical assistant provided to you helps you achieve your desired dream quickly and embrace your bundle of joy.