International Surrogacy – Understanding the Risks and the Benefits


International surrogacy is a growing field. Childless couples desiring to have a genetically connected child goes for this procedure at various global destinations.
Like any other medical procedure, surrogacy also has some risks involved in it. There are certain parts of health, emotional and financial risks involved in this procedure.
Medical Issues Related to Surrogacy
Surrogacy pregnancy also has risks like any other pregnancy. The surrogate mother also suffers from morning sickness, heartburn, swelling, weight gain, and many other uncomfortable side effects during her gestation. She may also develop hypertension, gestational diabetes or remain to threaten to damage to her reproductive organs.
It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions and go for regular checkups during the gestation to remain aware of her health conditions. The easiest way to combat the side effects is to go for yoga, meditation, and other relaxation therapies during this time. This benefits the health of the surrogate mother and the child developing inside her.
Emotional Risks Related to Surrogacy
In addition to the medical risks of surrogacy, there are sometimes emotional challenges for potential surrogates to consider. While pregnancy can be a difficult process, some women find surrogacy to be more emotionally challenging because, in the end, they will not be going home with the child they have lived with for nine months. Apart from the medical risk, there is some portion of emotional risk involved in the procedure of surrogacy. The surrogate mother often faces emotional challenges and find it difficult to hand over the child to the intended parents. She has been with the child for nine long months and the separation may be a difficult challenge for her
Surrogacy Benefits for Intended Parents

Countless families have enjoyed the advantage of surrogacy and brought home their bundle of joy. Surrogacy has given every childless couple a privilege to have their own genetically connected baby. We have discussed a few surrogacy benefits enjoyed by intended parents:
• Infertile couples, singles and people from LGBT community have been able to become parents through surrogacy. It would not have been possible otherwise.
• Gestational surrogacy allows any or both the parents to be genetically connected to the child.
• Hopeful parents get an opportunity to bring their child up.
• Intended parents can be a part of the surrogacy procedure and connect themselves with the baby. They can be part of every phase of the surrogacy.
• The intended parents can become friends with the surrogate and remain in touch throughout the life.
• Surrogacy laws are prominent and in favor of the intended parents. They can be legally the parents after all the documentation procedure.
• Women who have had miscarriages before due to the damaged or weak uterus can also hire a surrogate mother to carry their child during the gestation.
Surrogacy Benefits for Surrogate Mothers
• The surrogate mother can also be benefited by this process.
• They enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction as they provide selfless support to a childless couple.
• Surrogates can be a part of a life-altering way as they offer their womb to shelter someone else’s child and nurture it for the entire period of gestation.
• She is reimbursed for all the expenses she bears for her and the bay during this period. She is given the best care and attention during this whole period.
• The surrogate mother is usually compensated for the services she offers. It is a fact that no monetary compensation can be good enough for the heavenly support she provides. However, since she is related professionally, her compensation is assured by the intended parents.
Ending Words
The surrogate mother and the intended parents take care of each other’s interest throughout the journey of surrogacy. Most surrogates and the intended parents bond well and keep in touch with each other all life through. The child is also introduced to his surrogate as he grows up. This gift is heavenly and beyond any comparison.