How Positive Attitude Leads to Successful Pregnancy



Every IVF patient understands the course of the cycle and its possible results. Most of them enter into this treatment after thorough studies and research. Many times they are educated about the possibilities of the procedure before they enroll in the program. Every woman going through IVF treatment hopes to become pregnant on the very first attempt. However, they very well know the mixed possibilities of each trial that she undergoes. It is human nature is to expect everything to happen fast. This is why intended mothers get impatient to know the result after an embryo implantation.

Most women we have come across in our years of experience have the tendency to take the pregnancy test immediately to confirm their conception. All the while they will think about whether the embryos are stuck or not! They remain anxious about the upcoming pregnancy result and want to make sure about it fast.

Let us go through the biological reasons that lead to this gap of two weeks between the embryo implantation and the pregnancy test.

The pregnancy test calculates the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (beta hCG) present in the body. The HCG hormone is produced by the trophectoderm embryo cells and is secreted in detectable proportions only after the implantation of the embryo. After 3-8 days of the process of implantation the HCG hormone is produced by the embryo cells. Only then is the hormone actually detectable in the bloodstream.

As the pregnancy progresses, the hCG amount present in the bloodstream increases. After a period of 10 days past ovulation (DPO), the hCG measurement in an average woman is around 25 mIU. This measurement doubles itself to 50 mIU after 12 days past ovulation. The level again doubles itself to 100 mIU after a period of two weeks past ovulation. There can be variations in the levels of HCG from woman to woman as everybody is unique. No two bodies are same and have different responses to a certain medication.

Home pregnancy tests are done to measure the hCG level present in urine. It will show a positive result if the level of hCG is 75 mIU. On the other hand, such pregnancy tests fail to record a level lower than 25 mIU. Hence, these urine pregnancy tests are not considered as accurate until the time an official pregnancy test is executed. False positive tests give unnecessary hopes to the intended mothers and they weave a lot of dreams based on such false results. In case the official blood test rules out the pregnancy results confirmed by the home test, the woman is often noticed to feel disappointed and. It is a difficult time for them to understand the reality and cope up with the results once again. On the other hand, in case of false negative results, women might lose hope and be careless about them. They can even take adverse steps that can damage the pregnancy. Hence, it is best for the IVF undergoing women to attend the official beta pregnancy test instead of the home urine tests to detect their pregnancy.

The period in between the embryo implantation and beta pregnancy test is very crucial for the intended mothers. This is when they have to stay positive amidst all the thoughts that continuously haunt them. We understand the numerous thoughts that come to your mind during this time. Instead of finding answers to all of them, it is wise to let them flow away from your mind. No mental analysis can find you the answers related to your query. It is better to stay positive and prepare yourself for any result.

We understand your hopes and the desire to become a mother. This is the sole reason why you have gone through an IVF cycle and taken so much medications. Your strength lies in the fact that you have chosen this medical procedure to fulfil your dream of getting pregnant and delivering your baby. Doctors and IVF consultants are at your attention all the time to take you forward towards your dream. Your patience along with the medical procedure will surely lead you to a successful future. All you need is to remain calm and positive. Remaining positive will help you to divert all your energies towards a better ending.

Follow your regular routine during this time and lead a normal lifestyle. Your doctor will restrict you from any rigorous physical activity in this two week’s gap. Also, refrain yourself from sexual intercourse in this time. Physical stress might lead to contractions of the uterine walls which is not recommended at this crucial time. Cut down on any intakes of caffeine, alcohol or smoking. Indulge yourself in spending quality time with your spouse. This is one of the best times of your IVF cycle to go out on a romantic date with your partner. This will ease your stress and relieve you from all your worries. As a matter of fact, your spouse or partner is also worried during this time and requires your support as well. You two have to be each other’s strength and prepare one another for the results.

Yoga and meditation also help to calm your mind, body, and soul. These activities relax the body and ease your mind. You can do it with your partner to enjoy it more. You can also choose to do gardening at this time. This will soothe your mind and refresh it. Spend time doing what you love to do. Read books, watch movies, pray, weave sweaters or anything that you like to do. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables. You require more fibre and protein during this time. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

You might experience common pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, breast swelling, tiredness, and shortness of breath during this time. These are symptoms of menstruation cycle as well. So it is better not to think much about these symptoms and ease yourself as much as possible. Talk to your doctor if you feel any severe distress or discomfort. In case you find blood spots, you should immediately report it to your doctor. There is nothing much to worry as you can even notice spotting in your pregnancy. So there is no reason to take it as a negative sign. Instead , complete the period of two weeks in a bright way and report to your doctor for the pregnancy test on the scheduled date.

If you believe in the law of attraction, we attract to ourselves all that we think about. The universe offers you the same thing that your minds visualise about. This is why we always advise our patients to think positive and emit positive vibrations. This will lead them towards a positive result, and if not, will at least give them the courage to stand up again to attempt the next trial. It is important to be positive on the vibration your body emits. This has a lot to do with your moral upliftment and courage. A mentally fit body always can recover better and faster than a dull mind. So, stay mentally and physically fit to recover sooner and begin a new journey of IVF.