Why What you share matters a lot


If you are reading this letter, you are a successful patient. First of all, you are a brave warrior who has made a wish come true. With patience and determination, you have gone through numerous obstacles and have reached the goal. Congratulations on becoming a parent and holding a little angel of your dreams in your arms.

You have done a great job and from our side, we have a contribution too. However, we are not the only ones to have done the job. You have been helped by the people who were always ready to explain, share their experience and support you. Many of them have provided video testimonials and described their journeys. They knew better than anyone else what you would be going through so the advices they gave, were often the wisest.

Now that you have completed your journey,  it’s your turn to use your power of changing people’s lives for better and share your own experience.

In the era of information and digitalization, it is harder than ever to find real professionals. Most of the companies and service providers will do their best to build attractive websites, launch fancy advertisements and claim they are the best. Customers seem to write numerous reviews but mostly, they are controversial. Some of them are purchased to praise the service. On the other hand, some of the negative ones are written from the accounts that competitor companies create. Somewhere in the middle, one can also find reviews and comments written by the real customers. So, how should people distinguish good from bad and real from fake? What should people do when they are in need of moral support and are looking for a hand of help?

The era of information does not necessarily guarantee that you always get the best options.

We, the people who are not driven with the financial priorities but are rather able to sympathize  and will to provide help, should feel the social responsibility.

In case you feel satisfied with your experience at the agency or clinic and are ready to share your experience with others, please do so.

First of all, you could do a great job recording a video testimonial. This kind of feedback is the most authentic one. Future parents will be able to have a better grasp of your real experience, feel that what you say is not fake but rather wholeheartedly supportive and sympathizing. It is always better seen than read, because your body language, expressions and voice will not be able to hide the truth.

It is also a common practice to allow surrogacy agency to share successful patient’s contact information with the next 10 ones. We limit the number, as we fully acknowledge that your support can not last forever. Moreover, surrogacy has been a tough journey, the obstacles of which, should some time soon be set free from our memories.

Let us never forget what we have gone through, how tough and exciting our journeys have been. Let us appreciate once again how majestic the feeling of fulfilling our dreams is.

Remember that innumerable number of intended parents will feel blessed, supported and strengthened after hearing your voice of happiness.