Simon and Mark


We used New Life Mexico. Their IVF clinic is located in Cancun. When I went over to leave my samples I met the Embryologist who was absolutely fantastic. He took a lot of time to run through the whole process and answer all the questions I had. The IVF Clinic was brand new, very well presented. We had Karen Gonzalez as a medical coordinator; she still works with New Life. We can’t speak highly enough of her. Karen would be your designated point of contact until confirmed pregnancy.

We spoke to quite a few Clinics in Mexico before going with New Life. We found them to be the most transparent and upfront in explaining the whole process including the time it will take to exit Mexico. We found them absolutely fantastic. We had some ups and down in our journey, now we have our Son. We had a few attempts. But the commitment of the team at New Life was outstanding all along the way. There is a genuine passion. To best answer this question though, M and I are looking to try for a second child and we wouldn’t consider anyone else than New Life.

The people in Mexico are absolutely amazing. Everyone is very helpful and nothing is too much trouble. We spent a lot of time out and about travelling all over Mexico we never came across any problems. In fact, the local people were going out of their way for us.
We never really had a problem communicating the locals really make the effort to understand what you are saying and if we every got stuck they generally used google translate to get by. Really though it was never a problem as the Mexican people really genuinely want to help.
The Birth Certificate we had approx. a week after our son was born. The day we went and applied with the Surrogate we had it the same day. We had a Lawyer help us with this. They took us to the Civil Registry and took care of the whole process.
Oh, one other thing, If you haven’t spoken to anyone at New Life. I strongly suggest you contact Eliso and/or Karen and ask them questions. They will be more than happy to answer.
 S and M from Australia