Stan and Frank

Dear Eliso,

I am glad to share our experience in Tuxtla. Now I am proud of to be a boy’s father.

When we were near fly to Tuxtla from Mexico City, we received an email from New Life, and they told us the baby would deliver on the next morning. It was already 2 p.m. At that moment, we felt quite helpless. During the flight time, we made a lot of very bad ideas, because all this thing was too sudden. We were planning to arrive at Tuxtla five days earlier than the expected delivery day of birth.

When we arrived at Tuxtla, we knew that all the previous concerns were redundant. Kelly and the driver had already waited at the airport for us.

She kindly reminded us that we should immediately go to the SM apartment to see her because the operation is at 7 a.m. on the next morning and SM must arrive at the hospital at five o’clock in the morning.  Then, she took us to the flower shop to buy flowers for SM. 

After we became the fathers smoothly, with the help of Kelly, we quickly ordered the house,  the nurse to take of the baby, translator, lawyer and let all the persons move into the house we rent. All those things within three days. Without professional person helps us, that is impossible.

Now, I have time to share these experiences in the new house. I appreciate Kelly, Karen and all staff of the New Life has done for us. Thanks New Life accompany us through this long process. From now on, a new life begins. New Life really gave us a new life.

We really hope more and more people choose you. You are the best one.

Best warm regards,

S and F