Successful Surrogacy Parents of New Life


,,And our dream of a family came true. I have to say, my son gave me what I expected. I never asked myself the question of the “sence of life” again. But he gave me so much more than that. I think, before you have a child, you have no idea, how close you can be to a person. I love my boyfriend and I love my parents, but what you can have with your own child is beyond comparison.

It could have stayed like that forever. But after about one and a half years, we started to think about number two. So we contacted Newlife again. We had to move to Cambodia this time, but already on the first try, our surrogate mother got pregnant and now we await the birth of our next family member in a few months. In the meantime, surrogacy was prohibited in Cambodia as well. But with our experience trom Thailand and Newlife in our side, we await the birth of our child quite relaxed. May everything go as smooth and joyful as the last time.,,

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