T.M. from Canada


Dear Matuta:
Thank you for your email. I am doing well. I hope you are doing great as well.
All went really well at Fertility Clinic Americas in Cancun. I leave on Saturday.
My blood tests were great – and my semen analysis was great as well. Carlos has my sample and he is very happy with the semen analysis results.
The New Life Team in Mexico has indicated to me that they will be keep me posted every step of the way, and I thank them for that. They are a wonderful group of professionals.
I met Kelly today as well. She is doing an undeniably awesome job at the clinic. Thank you Kelly.
Throughout my stay, Karen generously devoted her time in answering all my questions and concerns over many hours. Thank you Karen.
Tania too, spent hours with me explaining all the relevant stuff. Thank you Tania. Tania is working on getting donor visa.
Carlos too, is an extremely skilled professional. He clearly seems to be one the most professionally knowledgeable and experienced people in his field. Thank you Carlos.
The entire New Life crew went out of the way to help my case advance with leaps and bounds.
Without a doubt, the entire New Life Mexico team, was the most friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team I have met in a long time. – I don’t say this lightly. I just know that they’re doing, and will continue to do an awesome job right to the end. They are all a truly fabulous, friendly, and genuinely compassionate and caring team, and I am so glad to have put my trust in New Life for my life endeavour. Once my son/s is/are born, I look forward to meeting you all in Tabasco in 2016. Be assured, you have a remarkably truly amazing team of professionals in Cancun.
At this point in time, I thank you too, Matuta, for your hard work and sincere devotion to make this work for me in 2016.
I got to visit much of Cancun and one or two historic sites. I’m still undecided about the place to visit on Friday.
The surrogate mother that Tania and Karen have told me about, came across as a genuinely compassionate, caring, loving, and great young woman, who I just know, from her genuine demeanour, will do the best surrogacy job possible. Thank you K.
Thank you once again Matuta for your, and New Life Mexico’s unconditional support throughout the process up to now. I trust that New Life will continue to work in my best interest till my boy/s is/are successfully delivered in 2016.
Thank you all once again. Please add me to Skype so we can remain in touch throughout my surrogacy process and beyond that too.
Kindest regards,
T.M. from Canada