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Selective Reduction and its Effects

Embryo Reduction An increase in the use of In Vitro Fertilization treatment techniques by childless parents has resulted in an increase in multiple births such as twins and triplets. Since the IVF is a high-cost procedure when compared to other fertility treatments, most couples want to be assured of a successful pregnancy and childbirth in […]

Successful Surrogacy Treatments with Older Mothers

If you’ve landed on this page and are reading this article, you or ones close to you must have decided to explore the possibility of having a child via surrogacy. Of course, finding a suitable surrogate mother to carry your child is a daunting task, and it can be difficult initially for the intended parents […]

Successful Surrogacy Parents of New Life

,,And our dream of a family came true. I have to say, my son gave me what I expected. I never asked myself the question of the “sence of life” again. But he gave me so much more than that. I think, before you have a child, you have no idea, how close you can […]

IVF for HIV positive parents

The New Life Global Network is proud to offer opportunities for HIV-positive patients to be parents! New Life  accepts the applications of intended parents who are HIV positive. We follow a straight forward procedure to choose and approve the applications of HIV-positive couples. We intend to receive applications from intended parents with undetectable viral load […]

Study Visit of Gynecologists

At New Life, the doors are always open for our colleagues who demonstrate vivid interest in our work and are ready to share their ideas and experience with us. We are striving to build strong local and international network with other professionals in the field. In frames of our partnership initiatives, local gynecologists have visited […]

Guaranteed Baby Program

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